WordPress plugin to track custom data

A client came to me requesting the ability to track certain data from visitors, internally. (mainly, the hits themselves, realtime). Then that data was to be used on a public page as social proof. The data needed to be stored in the database and I chose to use shortcodes for the output so the data could be styled and inserted anywhere the client wanted without additional developer assistance.

I can’t share more details on the client project until a later date but when the time comes, perhaps I’ll open source the plugin code for anyone that may be interested.


AdRavage was a Search and Notification system built on and as a complimentary service to Craigslist.

Purchased from the original creator in 2011, I took over maintaining, growing and improving the service. As the user base continued to grow, I had to rewrite much of the core to scale. At AdRavage’s peak, there were around 10,000 users and 100,000 notifications sending thousands of emails per day.

AdRavage was built on PHP/CodeIgniter.

AdRavage was shut down as a result of a Cease and Desist from Craigslist. You can read more about that here.